Welcome to John Villar Wines

Where are those days when a Wine Merchant was deemed a true professional? A Wine Merchant was, in the truest sense of the word, a well respected authority. The wine trade used to be ranked almost as high as the medicine profession. Nowadays, regrettably, the true wine merchants are disappearing fast due to a pervasive opinion that anyone can sell wines. The result has been that a large number of so called 'experts' started to sell wine without any knowledge about it whatsoever. Large volume and limited choice are pitiful hallmarks of such traders.

At John Villar Wines we pride ourselves o­n wines of high quality and character. For many years it has been our mission to seek out, learn and advice o­n not so ordinary wines, those with that extra special flavour that makes them so different from all the others. Unlike the big inexpensive brands that flood the UK supermarkets, the high quality wines are made in small quantities by the world's best winemakers. We are therefore confident that you will love the huge variety of wines we offer as much as we love passing o­n our knowledge and advice about wines to you, our valued customer.

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